My slime is too sticky? What do I do? Part 1

If you ordered scented slime, please read before doing anything to your slime! Because all fragrance/scents are mostly oil based don't add any type of activator before thoroughly mixing in the scenting oil. A common mistake is that it is assumed that it needs to be activated more to get rid of its stickiness. Scenting oils temporarily break down the hydrogen bonds or the "cross-linked" bonds that are created by using an activator with a PVA "polyvinyl alcohol or polyvinyl acetal resin" or as you know it to be called "glue" but if you add some lotion to your hands and take the slime and mix in the scenting oil really well most of the time the stickiness goes away and our slime is perfect.

My slime is too sticky? What do I do? Part 2

Sometimes like you said due to weather the slime will still be sticky and then once the scenting oil is thoroughly mixed in you can slowly add a few drops of activator and mix it in real well. Always wait like 5-10 minutes or so then mix slime again and test before doing another round of activator as all activators will continue to form bonds during that time and a lot of people end up over activating because they don't wait to let the activator finish fully activating.
The good news is that over activated slime can be recovered! If you go to the bottom of our Etsy Store Homepage under "More Information" then scroll down to our Frequently Asked Question we have our "Slime Tips"
Look for "Steps to re-hydrate / soften slime Part 1" below:

How long does slime last?

We use a proprietary completely safe all natural hypoallergenic antimicrobial preservative in all of our slime recipes. This has two benefits: The slime can last for up to 4 months or longer if properly cared for by making sure your hands are clean and dry before using it and always returning it to it's container and sealing the lid after each use. It also increases the slimes elasticity coefficient which means it stretches farther!

The beads are falling out! What do I do?

OK, first off, don't panic! This is easily fixed-especially in the warmer months of the year!Whether it be fishbowl beads, slushy beads, or even floam beads:Simply place the slime and any beads that may have fallen out or that you can salvage back into the container and place the lid on it tightly.Then place it in direct sunlight if possible or if the temp outside is above 85 degrees then let it sit untouched for approximately 30 minutes rotating it once after 15 minutes.If you have no sunlight and temp is below 85 you just need to increase the time it sets.The heat and sunlight will start to degrade the slime back into glue creating a stickier slime. If it ends up too sticky then use a few DROPS of the activator to make it to your liking!

How long does it take to process and ship orders?

Our Goal is to process all orders within 1-3 business days. But generally most orders are processed within 1-2 business days. It all depends on our current workload.

**Note: Sometimes we will print out shipping labels in advance so you'll get an email telling you that and it automatically includes a "scheduled to ship date." Usually orders will be shipped by that "scheduled to ship date" but not always.

Monstrous Slimes "Slime Tips and Info" - Part 1

We try to activate our Slimes to the perfect consistency, but we battle both the weather (hot & cold) & the shipping time-so it can be difficult. Also, we always try to be on the under activated side (sticky) as it's a lot easier to activate to the perfect consistency with a little activator, rather than be over activated which is hard to recover from & shortens the Slimes life. We use un-buffered contact solution-you can also use eye drops **it must be un-buffered & contain sodium borate and boric acid. ** If you have that problem with our slime & have one of the above solutions then simply use a few drops at a time, knead in & repeat if necessary.

Monstrous Slimes "Slime Tips and Info" - Part 2

Also, keep in mind when dealing with fishbowl/floam bead/slushy slimes or any slime with bead-like additives you need to keep it slightly sticky or the beads will come out when playing with it. It's better to put a little hand lotion or baby oil on your hands before playing with it rather than over activate it. Also, be aware that some scents can cause discoloration or color change, especially scents that use a vanilla fragrance as part of its formula. (i.e.: Birthday Cake, Vanilla, Sugar Cookies, Smores, Cinnamon Sugar Donuts, etc.)

Thanks and Slime On!

My slime got harder and is no longer stretchy

This usually happens because of 1 of 2 reasons:
1) Over activated the slime-to ensure this doesn't happen to you make sure you only add 4-5 drops of contact solution at a time mix/knead it in very well and wait 15-20 minutes to test slime for stickiness before adding a 2nd round of activator. Activating of slime continues for up to 20 minutes after the addition of activator, so if you don't wait to check it it may still be sticky but the activator isn't completely finished activating.
2) Slime has been over played with and/or left out of sealed container for too long.

Good News is you can still re-hydrate and bring your slime back to life with a little loving care and some patience.

Steps to re-hydrate / soften slime next FAQ

Steps to re-hydrate / soften slime Part 1

** Warning only do this of your slime is unplayable because sometimes when doing this you can mess up your slime all together...
** Before doing any of these steps make sure you have activator (contact solution.) Do not use Borax as it doesn't mix well with the activator we use and you could mess up your slime.

1) place slime in clean bowl that has a tight sealing lid.
2) add hot water: (see below for amount)
for 2 oz slime = 1/4 cup hot water
for 4 oz slime = 1/2 cup hot water
for 8 oz slime = 3/4 cup hot water
3) seal container with lid and place outside in the heat/sun for around 20-30 minutes.
4) open container and pour off all excess water, leaving the slime which should be re-hydrated and possibly over runny/sticky.
(continue below)

Steps to re-hydrate / soften slime Part 2

Part 2

5) Slowly add a little bit of activator and mix/knead well-wait 15 minutes before adding more.
6)After waiting 15 minutes from 1st adding of activator: If slime is still sticky/runny repeat step 5 until your slime has come back to life!!!

**Note: sometimes it helps to add a small amount of super sticky clear or white slime (depending on what kind of slime you are trying to fix) and mix it in really well, then slowly activate like in steps 5-6.

As always, feel free to ask us any questions you may have when it comes to saving or fixing your slime!

Slime On!